Why use side software


At Side Software we have over 20 years experience in manufacturing automation, intelligence, and development. We offer our clients innovative solutions that meet their core needs.

At Side Software, we build Web applications that transform your business. Our goal isn't to just make your current system better. We are interested in developing software that takes your entire organization to the next level.

We have 16 years of experience developing Quality Web Applications. We provide the most innovative custom web applications to meet our clients’ unique needs.

We do this by incorporating powerful functionality while allowing our customers to grip more clients or optimize internal processes.

Side Software is focused on high performance systems integration consulting services, resulting from years of experience helping some of the world’s leading organizations, we have a deep understanding of technology and its application to our customers industrial and automation environments.

Our application integration services consist of data integration, enterprise integration, and systems integration.

We can enable your enterprise to update existing or legacy applications to communicate to other applications, integrate web-based features into older desktop applications and collaborate with with us to synchronize your business processes with technology making your organization more competitive and responsive to change.

At Side Software we offer multiple types of services for those who look for fast and cost-effective mobile applications. We design and optimizing websites for mobile browsing and build mobile HTML5 applications with native-like user experience.

The true advantage of mobile web is its natural cross platform compatibility. This reduces costs for development of multiple mobile platforms on mobile front end significantly. Mobile web keeps all the benefits the web technology has comparing to fat client-server architecture.

Depending on the project scope we might expand on what we learned during the planning. When we are clear on how things are going to work we can produce wireframes.

Wireframes are simply layouts of pages that show where things will be. They are not styled at this stage but exist to make a solid framework we can design within.

We usually stick to creating just three wireframes of the most important pages on a site but on larger sites we may create a fully working prototype.

Once this is all approved we can look at creating some concepts for you...

When we take on a web project we like to do things thoroughly - this means we follow a set of tasks to to find out exactly what our clients are looking for.

We start by getting to know the concept. This means discussing and asking difficult questions and throwing out some ideas along the way.

Taking those answers and questions we turn the brief into a story that allows us to get started on how the users will interact on the site.

Once we have all the information necessary, we get to work on creating you a product that represents your brand and desired experience.